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Minor Fender-Bender results in $40,000.00 win by Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer, Every Case Matters

At our office, we firmly believe that no case is too small or too big to pursue justice. When a young teenager came to us after a minor fender-bender, with vehicle damage under $2,000 and minimal medical expenses under $250, many would have overlooked it.

But not us.

We recognized the potential for a fair outcome, even in seemingly minor cases. Leveraging our expertise, we delved into the teenager’s athletic history, uncovering insights that allowed us to challenge the insurance company’s initial offer of $1,000.

Through strategic negotiation, we shattered expectations. Against all odds, we secured a staggering settlement of $40,000 for a case initially valued at less than $1,000.

Hit-and-Run Accident Results in $100,000 Settlement for Injured Victim.

In 2023, attorney Andrey R. Yurtsan of the YURTSAN LAW FIRM litigated a case when he was contacted by a young woman who had been involved in a hit-and-run accident while driving to work. The impact of the crash resulted in serious injuries to her face. Despite an extensive search, the police were unable to locate the driver responsible for the accident.

To make matters worse, the young woman’s insurance company informed her that they would not cover the medical expenses associated with her injuries. Faced with this difficult situation, Andrey R. Yurtsan stepped in to help. He negotiated with the client’s own insurance company, and was able to secure the maximum amount of uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage for his client.

The client was beyond grateful for the care and dedication shown by Andrey R. Yurtsan and his staff, in helping her navigate the difficult and stressful aftermath of the hit-and-run accident.

Motorcycle Accident Results in $250,000 Insurance Settlement

In 2021, attorney Andrey R. Yurtsan successfully represented a young family man who was injured while riding his motorcycle. With his expertise in personal injury law, Mr. Yurtsan swiftly took action by gathering crucial evidence, medical records, and thoroughly investigating all applicable insurance policies. 

Through his diligent and skilled negotiations, Mr. Yurtsan was able to secure the full insurance policy limits of $250,000.00 for his client within a mere several weeks of the accident. 

The client expressed his deep gratitude to Mr. Yurtsan, as the compensation not only provided much-needed financial relief but also allowed him to move forward with his recovery and get back on his feet in a relatively short period of time.

Disputed Injury Claims Settled for $450,000 in Complex Motor Vehicle Case.

In September 2019, the attorneys led by Andrey R. Yurtsan, successfully resolved a motor vehicle accident case with a settlement of $450,000 for their client in the Sacramento County Superior Court. The accident resulted in an aggravation of the client’s pre-existing condition, a C5-C6 cervical disc bulge, as well as shoulder tears. Despite the defendant’s attempts to dispute the nature and extent of the injuries and the cost of medical treatment, the legal team were able to prove their case and negotiate a fair settlement for their client.

Andrey R. Yurtsan, with his team, prepared this case for trial and was willing to take it all the way to ensure the best outcome for the client. Despite the plaintiff’s pre-existing conditions and the complications that were being argued by the defense, the attorneys negotiated a $450,000 settlement, which was a very considerable compensation in light of the pre-existing conditions. The outcome of the case not only provided financial compensation for the client’s injuries, but also served as a testament to the dedication and skill of attorney Andrey R. Yurtsan, achieving favorable results for clients even in the most difficult cases

Victorious Verdict: Attorneys Secures $650,000 for Mother Injured in Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Accident

In 2016, Andrey R. Yurtsan took on the representation of a case involving a mother who was walking with her young daughter to school when they were involved in a motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accident. The defendant rolled past a stop sign and hit the client and her daughter at a low rate of speed, causing a back injury for the mother.

After years of litigation, in 2020, Mr. Yurtsan, together with co-counsel, prepared the case for trial. The defense made low settlement offers before trial, as they disputed the extent of the client’s injury and medical treatment.

However, after a hard-fought jury trial, the attorneys were able to convince the jury to award $650,000 in compensation to the client.

This compensation was far greater than the best pre-trial offer from defense.

Sacramento Car Accident Head On Collision Huge Payout ($185K)!

Recently, a family experienced a terrifying head-on collision. Despite the severity of the accident, they emerged with only minor soft tissue injuries. Their treatment included an emergency room visit and necessary chiropractic care.

However, the overwhelming medical bills from the ER visit exceeded the insurance limits of the vehicle that hit them. Our team stepped in to provide assistance and guidance. We not only secured the maximum insurance offer from the at-fault vehicle but also obtained maximum compensation from the clients’ own insurance carrier. Additionally, we successfully negotiated their medical bills.

This crucial intervention has left the family with greater financial resources to rebuild and move forward