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Successful Cases

Difficult Liability Case with Disputed Injuries Results in $1 Million Award.

In October 2018, attorney Andrey R. Yurtsan and co-counsel, secured a significant victory for their client with a settlement of $1,000,000 in the Sacramento County Superior Court. The case involved a preventable accident in which a member of the public tripped and fell on a dangerous walking surface in a public park, caused by tree roots damaging the concrete. Tragically, the fall resulted in a fracture to the Plaintiff’s orbital socket, as well as a mild traumatic brain injury, causing long-term pain and suffering. Despite the defendants’ attempts to deny liability and downplay the extent of the injuries, the legal team for Plaintiff, with the help of multiple experts and complex evidence, were able to prove their case and secure a fair settlement for their client. This outcome serves as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the attorneys and the commitment to achieving justice for their clients.

Jury Awards $2.45 Million in Lawsuit Against Senior Living Facility in Yolo County

This case centers around a tragic incident in which a senior citizen fell in the parking lot of the Eskaton Living Facility in West Sacramento, resulting in severe and debilitating injuries. Our client suffered a fractured vertebrae, wrist, and knee injury that required multiple surgeries and ongoing medical treatment. Despite the gravity of the situation, the defendants denied any wrongdoing and offered a paltry settlement of $100,000 before trial. Determined to fight for justice and fair compensation for our client, attorney Andrey R. Yurtsan, along with his legal team, prepared a compelling case and took the matter to trial. We asked the jury to award a fair compensation of $2,450,000, which they ultimately awarded instead of the initial offer of $100,000. This victory not only secured the financial stability and well-being of our client, but also served as a powerful reminder of the importance of holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Nicholls v. Eskaton Properties, Inc., et al., Yolo County Superior Court, $3,500,000 gross jury verdict

Huge Premises Liability Win: Overcoming Defense Risks for the Plaintiff! September 2023 Win!

While enjoying a family day out, Plaintiff engaged in recreational skating at a public park. When
she finished skating and went to the grassy area to remove her skates, her skate got caught in a
hidden hole partially covered by grass trimmings. This incident resulted in a serious ankle injury,
leading to the Plaintiff having two surgeries. Attorney Andrey R. Yurtsan undertook this case fully
aware of the potential challenges it posed, which included the potential complete defenses of
recreational immunity, assumption of the risk by Plaintiff, and contributing factors to the injury.
Nevertheless, Mr. Yurtsan displayed unwavering determination in litigating the case, including
conducting a rigorous investigation that revealed crucial evidence that would alter the course of
the case.

With a trial date approaching, Mr. Yurtsan and his team diligently prepared for the case for trial,
despite the risks. The Yurtsan Law Firm retained a team of experts, including a Biomechanics
Specialist, a California Licensed Engineer specializing in Parks and Recreation, an Orthopedic
Surgeon, a Life Care Planner, and an Economist. Over $50,000.00 was invested in securing these
experts, recognizing the potential complexities and the risk of no recovery in the case. However,
Mr. Yurtsan remained confident in his case.

When the time for settlement negotiations arrived, Mr. Yurtsan presented an impressive brief,
supported by four expert reports and his outstanding advocacy skills. The mediation included four
parties as defendants: a maintenance company; pest exterminator; the City; and a landscaping
company, each of whom engaged in the blame game and pointed fingers at one another and the
Plaintiff. The only point of consensus among all defendants was their contention that the Plaintiff
was responsible for her own injuries, as they occurred during her recreational activity and were
subject to assumption of risk.

Despite very extensive negotiations and the odds stacked against him, Mr. Yurtsan refused to yield
and challenged the parties, ready to take the case to trial. In the end, a global settlement was reached
for $580,000.00 for the Plaintiff. This case, which other law firms have turned down, resulted in a
substantial and lifechanging award that the Plaintiff had never imagined possible.


Aug 2023 Settlement! Navigating a Complex Liability Case with Disputed Injuries to Secure $600,000 Settlement

Andrey R. Yurtsan was retained by a gentleman who sustained an injury while at work, specifically
while transporting and moving a refrigerator, which led to a back injury. The case went to
mediation in 2023. This case was particularly contentious due to the client’s preexisting back
issues and the involvement of a separate workers’ compensation case. Nevertheless, Andrey R.
Yurtsan diligently prosecuted the case, which included retaining several experts. During
negotiations, Mr. Yurtsan came fully prepared with compelling arguments supported by three
experts: a life care planner, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, and an orthopedic
surgeon. Equipped with this compelling evidence and thoroughly prepared for negotiations, Mr.
Yurtsan achieved an outstanding result, securing a settlement of $600,000.00 for his client.
Furthermore, in addition to the impressive result in this highlydisputed case, the Yurtsan Law
Firm, working as a team, successfully negotiated over $100,000.00 in lien reductions for the client,
significantly increasing the amount of money that ultimately benefited the client

Major Loan Servicer Held Liable for $3.7 Million in Damages in Landmark Wrongful Foreclosure Case

On August 16, 2019, a Riverside County jury reached a historic verdict in favor of Michelle Galyardt, awarding her $3.7 million in damages for Fraud, Negligence, and Negligent Misrepresentation committed by Defendants Residential Mortgage Solutions LLC and Specialized Loan Servicing LLC. Of this award, $2.8 million were designated as punitive damages, reflecting the severity of the malicious conduct perpetrated by the defendants.

The legal team of Andrey R. Yurtsan and co-counsel expertly prosecuted this high-stakes, three-week jury trial, and obtained this record-breaking wrongful foreclosure verdict. This case arose from the defendants’ nefarious scheme to wrongfully foreclose on Michelle Galyardt’s family home. In 2013, when Michelle’s family experienced financial difficulties and fell behind on their mortgage payments, they were able to come up with the funds to reinstate the loan and save their home. However, the defendants, in violation of California law, added inflated and illegal fees to the loan amount and misrepresented Michelle’s loan status in order to wrongfully foreclose on her family home and profit from its liquidation.

This legal battle was a long and difficult one, spanning almost three and a half years, but the legal team and experts stood by Michelle and fought tirelessly for her rights and justice. Michelle Galyardt is grateful to her attorneys for their unwavering support and for helping her to put this traumatic event behind her.

Galyardt v. Specialized Loan Servicing LLC; Residential Mortgage Solutions LLC, Riverside County Superior Court, $3,758,232 gross jury verdict.

Victorious Verdict: Attorneys Secures $650,000 for Mother Injured in Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Accident

In 2016, Andrey R. Yurtsan took on the representation of a case involving a mother who was walking with her young daughter to school when they were involved in a motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accident. The defendant rolled past a stop sign and hit the client and her daughter at a low rate of speed, causing a back injury for the mother. After years of litigation, in 2020, Mr. Yurtsan, together with co-counsel, prepared the case for trial. The defense made low settlement offers before trial, as they disputed the extent of the client’s injury and medical treatment. However, after a hard-fought jury trial, the attorneys were able to convince the jury to award $650,000 in compensation to the client. This compensation was far greater than the best pre-trial offer from defense.