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Client Reviews

“The law firm was fantastic. They meticulously reviewed thousands of documents in our case against a questionable mortgage lender and uncovered their fraudulent activities. The legal team, led by Andrey and expert Alex, effectively presented the evidence and triumphed in court.”

-Chris W.

“Thank you to the Mr. Yurtsan for helping me with my personal injury case. They helped me out in every way possible and kept in constant contact with me thought the process. I was able to receive all possible compensation from multiple policies. This office was very honest, straight forward from the beginning. I would recommend them to anyone seeking legal representation.”

-German P.

“I had a tough case to prove after a car crash while 8 months pregnant. The other driver’s insurance blamed me, and there was no police report. Alexandra investigated and contacted witnesses and received a police report, proving the other driver was at fault. After the investigation, I took only a few weeks for my attorney, Mr. Yurtsan to settle for the full policy limits and extra compensation from my own insurance. I highly recommend this office for your legal needs.”

-Yesenia A.