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Jury Awards $2.45 Million in Lawsuit Against Senior Living Facility in Yolo County

This case centers around a tragic incident in which a senior citizen fell in the parking lot of the Eskaton Living Facility in West Sacramento, resulting in severe and debilitating injuries. Our client suffered a fractured vertebrae, wrist, and knee injury that required multiple surgeries and ongoing medical treatment. Despite the gravity of the situation, the defendants denied any wrongdoing and offered a paltry settlement of $100,000 before trial. Determined to fight for justice and fair compensation for our client, attorney Andrey R. Yurtsan, along with his legal team, prepared a compelling case and took the matter to trial. We asked the jury to award a fair compensation of $2,450,000, which they ultimately awarded instead of the initial offer of $100,000. This victory not only secured the financial stability and well-being of our client, but also served as a powerful reminder of the importance of holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Nicholls v. Eskaton Properties, Inc., et al., Yolo County Superior Court, $3,500,000 gross jury verdict.