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Major Loan Servicer Held Liable for $3.7 Million in Damages in Landmark Wrongful Foreclosure Case

On August 16, 2019, a Riverside County jury reached a historic verdict in favor of Michelle Galyardt, awarding her $3.7 million in damages for Fraud, Negligence, and Negligent Misrepresentation committed by Defendants Residential Mortgage Solutions LLC and Specialized Loan Servicing LLC. Of this award, $2.8 million were designated as punitive damages, reflecting the severity of the malicious conduct perpetrated by the defendants.

The legal team of Andrey R. Yurtsan and co-counsel expertly prosecuted this high-stakes, three-week jury trial, and obtained this record-breaking wrongful foreclosure verdict. This case arose from the defendants’ nefarious scheme to wrongfully foreclose on Michelle Galyardt’s family home. In 2013, when Michelle’s family experienced financial difficulties and fell behind on their mortgage payments, they were able to come up with the funds to reinstate the loan and save their home. However, the defendants, in violation of California law, added inflated and illegal fees to the loan amount and misrepresented Michelle’s loan status in order to wrongfully foreclose on her family home and profit from its liquidation.

This legal battle was a long and difficult one, spanning almost three and a half years, but the legal team and experts stood by Michelle and fought tirelessly for her rights and justice. Michelle Galyardt is grateful to her attorneys for their unwavering support and for helping her to put this traumatic event behind her.

Galyardt v. Specialized Loan Servicing LLC; Residential Mortgage Solutions LLC, Riverside County Superior Court, $3,758,232 gross jury verdict.