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Aug 2023 Settlement


Work Injury Solved

Navigating a Complex Liability Case with Disputed Injuries to Secure $600,000 Settlement

Andrey R. Yurtsan was retained by a gentleman who sustained an injury while at work, specifically while transporting and moving a refrigerator, which led to a back injury. The case went to mediation in 2023. This case was particularly contentious due to the client’s pre-existing back issues and the involvement of a separate workers’ compensation case.

Nevertheless, Andrey R. Yurtsan diligently prosecuted the case, which included retaining several experts. During negotiations, Mr. Yurtsan came fully prepared with compelling arguments supported by three experts: a life care planner, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, and an orthopedic surgeon. Equipped with this compelling evidence and thoroughly prepared for negotiations, Mr. Yurtsan achieved an outstanding result, securing a settlement of $600,000.00 for his client.

Furthermore, in addition to the impressive result in this highly-disputed case, the Yurtsan Law Firm, working as a team, successfully negotiated over $100,000.00 in lien reductions for the client, significantly increasing the amount of money that ultimately benefited the client